Transitioning and I NEED ADVICE!!!

First off, I'm new here and trying to transition from having my hair relaxed.
My natural hair texture is around 3b. I've been trying to let it grow out for the past 6-7 months, but since my natural hair's curls are so tight, it only spans about 3 inches. All of my hair is shoulder-length, so the unnatural part is pretty long and very thin and damaged.
So it is really frustrating trying to get my hair to look decent. With braids or twists, the top (natural) gets puffy while the ends are like straw. The problem with rolling my hair is that it never lasts more than a day because I sweat it out at basketball practice.
I usually wear my hair pulled back in bun, but that makes the breakage worse and plus its boring to have my hair like that all the time.
I REALLY do not want to pull a BC! What should I do as far as styling goes? I really appreciate any advice! Thanx!!!!
how about french braids? They tend to last a couple of days to a week and when you take them out you have a cute style that hides the texture differences (lengthens the curly parts and gives waves to the relaxed). Or twists, again, low manipulation, lasts about the same time and has a similar effect when taken out. Both of these are good for sports (maybe not the twist out and braid outs, save those for the weekends or no practice/game days). I used to wear braids exclusively during basketball and football/soccer season.

You've got shrinkage, a common issue with curls. It's a little hard to remedy until you BC because your texture might change when you the added weight (the relaxed parts that actually stretches the curls a little) is gone so getting locked into a routine isn't the best idea. Be sure to do deep conditioning treatments to keep the new growth healthy and avoid breakage.

Happy transitioning!

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When you wear your hair in bun are you putting any leave-in conditioner? That should help with the breakage or maybe it time to trim your hair not a big chop.

As for other styles you should try the curlyfro. There are great tutorials on youtube. Curlychronicals is a good one to look at. Check it out below
Last texturizer-9/18/08

French braids sounds like a good idea. Thanx for the help!

And I wasn't putting in any leave-in conditioner. I do think it is time for a trim too. Thanx!

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