Transition Styles!

Heeyy u guys!
I am currently in my transition phase...i'm in my 3rd month and cannot wait to BC!! I plan on doing the big chop in the fall of this year (2009), around October. I've played around with a few transition styles...i'm currently rocking a set of kinky twists and without kinky's I rock a twistout. What other styles have u tried or plan on trying?

Last Relaxer: 10/18/2008

Probable BC : 10/10/2010
Depending on my mood I either bantu knot my hair or after co-washing I will smooth my hair into a bun.

I bun it and dd wears her hair parted down the middle in two braids.
I LIVE in Bantu knots. Currently, I have tree braids, and it's given me a huge break, so I love that. But when these come out, it'll be bantu knots for a while until I'm ready to BC.
Since I have a texturizer (mild relaxer) my chemically treated hair has some texture to it. So I usually wear a wash & go but I am experimenting with twist and a curly fro.
Last texturizer-9/18/08

My transitional style was
1. wash hair
2. section my hair in two,from one ear to the other and cornrow dow the sides ,the back section vertically down my back
3. allow to dry and the remove the cornrow, apply hair polish and arrange wth my hand.....its a cook bed head look...!!

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