View Poll Results: Should I start curling now or wait until the relaxer grows out completely and keep blowdrying?
Curl it now! 7 100.00%
Keep blowdrying it until the relaxer grows out. 0 0%
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I have 3B hair. and I've been chemically relaxing it since the 7th grade. It's been 15 months and a half since the last time i straightend my hair. thanks to my friend, she convinced me to let the relaxer grow out and keep my curlies. but im in the transition stage and it suxs!! i dont know what to do to it. should i keep blow-dryin until the relaxer comes out or should i start curling it now? what products work best on my hair?? btw, its half and half so if i leave it curly it'll look weird. HELP!!!!! i'm so confused and frustrated. i'm thinking of goin back to my straightner!!! its too much of a hassle!

p.s. I have "big hair" so i dno..
Curl it! i know that pure, unrefined shea butter helps to curl hair, besides leaving it moisturized and shiny.
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Hair type: 3b/c
im anti-direct heat, so i say no to blowdrying.
all natural.

my head is full of naps, coils, kinks and thickness.
You could always do straw sets, curly rod sets, or roller sets at this stage if there is a drastic difference in the two textures. YOu could also get your hair braided. When I was transitioning my relaxed hair curled very easily so whatever I added it would dry up curly. I used leave in conditioners, setting lotion, and curl activator gels mainly.

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