Protective Styles = Length?

Thanks ladies!

I'm having some major breakage concerns (6 months into transition). I've been very gentle with my hair but I'm losing hope

Hopfully I can keep going on my natural journey. Maybe I'm just having a bad hair week
This is encouraging. I just joined the "grow out challenge" Im only on eweek into it and i wasnt sure how much longer IO could wer protective styles. Some ppl on here were talking about wearing protective styles at least 5 days a week! Too much for me. I have been wearing it in a bun or braid when I'm home and then maybe wearing it down when i go out. Those are my options bcuz I dont know anything about twist outs. hopefully that is enough to keep my ends healthy and my hair growing!
try combing hair only once a week
also dont put hair in a rubber bands when its wet
it will pull your hair out when its weak
use clips barrets and bobby pins to put up your hair

my favorite styles are
twist/knot-outs its makes my hair curlier its the only way i can get a fro so i love it
i love wash n go
i also like twists but the back of my hair unravels
Thanks SC!

I love twist outs too! I've noticed that as I'm approaching month 7 my hair is becoming strong and my relaxed hair is MUCH weaker.

I visited a stylist who told me that the only solution to the breakage is to cut all the relaxed hair off

Can't imagine rocking a TWA. Not my style at all. But the way my hair is going it may end up being my style
I think your hair will be fine as long as your not manipulating it a lot. You should be able to wear your hair out, and retain your length. Also, I would highly recommend that you not use heat on your hair in trying to retain length.
On a new hair growth challenge
Hair type: Who knows???

Learning something new everyday!

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