How did you cope with your transitioning?

I've scoured through the forums (and everyone is so supportive here! ) but I'm still so indecisive.

I'm bi-racial, and somehow that got into my hair type. Around my crown and the sides of my face, I had very wavy hair, and the rest had a relatively loose S shape. But it was very thick, and then I got the Japanese thermal reconditioning.

Now my hair is even curlier and coarser than before, and my hair texture has completely changed. I'm actually pretty happy, because if all of my hair changes like this, I can actually do something with curls! (My waves pre-straightening were too loose to scrunch, and too thick to straighten.) But now I'm at a loss about what to do with my hair - especially after swimming, etc. It's a bit wavy/curly (at times) at the front and around the crown due to some badly cut layers, and the rest is moderately straight BUT puffy. I'm a round face gal too, so I can't even throw my hair into a bun without my face looking a bit wide....

Any transitioning hairstyles/advice? My hair isn't too long either, and it's awfully puffy - I tried bantu knots etc, but nothing really works out.

Thanks! Whoops, this is really long, sorry!
Hi Lydia93,

I too am transitioning and I'm using a product that isn't very popular on I'm using Wen Hair Care System by Chaz Dean. It's a conditioning cleanser that does not strip the hair of it's oils, but instead adds moisture to my hair. (I'm not sure of my curl type, maybe a 3C or 4a; more wavy than curly).
I also use Carol's Daughter Hair Balm (adds moisture and shine)and I let it dry naturally. I can choose to wear my hair as a wash and go or I french braid my hair in two or three sections. l then style it as loose waves by taken out the braids and combing through with a wide tooth comb.
I'm also still learning, so I too can use other suggestions.

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Hi there lydia93. I am transitioning as well and you could really rock bantu knots. All you have to do is use an appropriate moisturizer and seal with some oil. I use Afroveda CocoLatte Moisture Mask and Vatika oil for sealing. Leave it for some hours, I usually leave overnight then unravel the knots in the morning. Even a round face could wear a bun well. I have a round face too and I just put a side part to combat the symmetry of the face. Also, deep conditioning is key. You should deep condition once a week for at least an hour.

After swimming what you can do is ensure that the chlorine is washed out well by using an all natural shampoo or shampoo bar. Then add some conditioner and don't wash it out completely. You can tease your hair back and use some pins to put it up.

Hope this helps.
i end up wearing my hair out most of the time...should i?

I reid twists...they worked once....teh other times i made them too big! i might try them again tonight...

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