Smoothing Product suggestions...really need your help.

Hi curlies, can anyone give me some good products you use to smooth ? I'm still transitioning ..and need some good product suggestions to smooth the hair down while wearing a bun. I'm co-washing with Hello Hydration (Herbal Essence), and using Pantene Relaxed & Natural as a leave-in. These products work great at making my hair soft and manageable (I can comb through it very easily), but need something more to tame.

Thanks !
When I was transitioning I would use Fantasia IC gel to help my hair lay down. I would smooth it on and put a headband on for a little while and when I took the headband off, the hair would be laying down perfectly. I still use this trick now. HTH
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How about Shea?
I use a little while my hair is damp and it helps in smoothing the hair down.

Have a great day!
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Agreed with both posters: I use shea butter and headband to smooth my hair line. If I pull my hair back, I use Fanasta IC gel or Giovanni gel.
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Thanks ladies, I really appreciate your responses !

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