Advise: Going Natural

Iíve been contemplating going natural for a while now but there is a particular look that I am going for and Iím not sure how to go about it so today bored out of my mind I did a little research.

So this is really what I want my hair to look like most of the time:

<img src="">

The problem is I am one hundred percent black. Okay maybe there is a little mixing going on but my hair while baby soft and allergic to humidity is very nappy and thin and 100% black (race not color). My natural color is a light dirty brown in the summer, dark brown in the winterÖ thatís a whole other story for another thread

Anyhow, all the natural styles I want to rock are usually for or on biracial women. For example I would love it if my hair could coil up like this:

<img src="">

But Iím not biracialÖ so that wonít be happening unless I use a texturizer. After seeing what happened to my friends hair I donít think I will be doing that anytime soon. And after doing research I found out that texturizers will permanently change your hair especially your curling pattern. Moreover, if Iím really going to go natural I really want to stay away from chemicals as much as possible.

In doing my research I found this:

<img src="">

Which is suppose to help coil my hair. But I dunno!

So here is my question to you Ö do you know of any natural products I can use to coil my hair?
im "100% black" as well i know what you are talking about. unfortunate i can not see your picture. myself went natural about 6 months ago my hair coils up after i wash to get a style i wear twist in my hair when unravel it is very curly(i wear my hair in two starnd twist dont wear it down untill it is longer and more defined curls). Im new here and also looking for advice. there are many ways to get hair curly straw set twist or wait for natural curls to come back. If you have a perm or have been straghting hair for a long time it will be a process for hair to get back to curly kinky state so fix pix so i can see what you are looking for. Ps i had a perm in my hair when i was about 12 I always trimed my hair since than so perm is most likely out before i went all natural i cut off a lot of my and my hair looks so much better than those fringe strings i was rocking. good luck
Well, first off I don't think you should have any set expectations on what you want your hair to look like. Race doesn't mean anything in my opinion. Sure, maybe alot of biracial people do have hair like that, but I know there are just as many who share the same tight, "nappy" curl pattern as anybody else who does. You won't ever really know how your natural hair will act until you actually go natural. So i'm saying you could still probably create the style that you want to wear most of the time, just don't think you have to have a certain hair type to do so.

I'm still transitioning, so I can't say I've tried it or anything. But my point is to not have any set expectations, whether good or bad, for your hair once natural. And to answer your question, I haven't really heard of any products that are geared specifically to making your curl pattern look a different way.

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