Hi Ladies,

I really want to use bunning as a transiton style however my hair isnt very long(to my chin when straight) and the bun doesnt look very good kuz its really small. Do u guys hav any suggestions on how to make it look bigger? or jus better in general?
An option would be to put the bun lower. It also may be easier to create 2 buns (either on each side of the head or- one high & one lower directly underneath.) Position these to where they accentuate your face & hair.

One way I fix wisps is with a LC or using EOs as a LC. If it's not an issue- you can allow wisps to accentuate your bunning.

thats a good idea i will deffinately try putting the bun lower. However wat are Wisps and Lc's and Eo's??
I am happy I can be of assistance.

Wisps are those pieces of hair that hang down after you've attempted to put everything up...like strands that are wisp around the nape & sides. Wisps don't have to be short/ long. They are either. Some choose to leave wisps out to add effect. I usually wear wisps with a chignon or even pony/pigtails...Sometimes it happens on it's own. I also do it on purpose. Imho-Wisps look great with curly/wavy hair.

LC - My abbrev. or Leave-In Conditioner
EO- Essential Oil

Best of Luck to You. I am sure you will look awesome whatever you decide.

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