I'm new to this & can use some help

Hello! I'm new to this forum, but after reading the posts I knew I needed to become a memeber. I am currently transitioning and it's been a little over three months since my last relaxer. In the past, I used to get my touchups every 12 weeks so when I started transitioning I knew that the challenge for me would be making it past the 12 week mark. As I predicted the last 12 weeks have been a breeze....now that I am on the 13th week I'm not so sure I'm going to be able to do this. I am definitly going to have to go with the long transition route. My hair is past BS and I am too early in the game to cut it all off. Lately, the shedding hasn't been as bad as it was a month ago, but as I was detangling with the conditioner in my hair just an hour ago I am noticing that the ends are snapping off...is this just part of the transition. Should I be worried? I could really use a transitioning buddy to help me through this. I need to somehow make it at least 1 yr to 18 months before I can even think about doing the BC... Any tips would be appreciated!
Hi there! Don't give up! I'm fairly new to this as well. I haven't had a touch up in 4 months, and I usually get one every 12-14 weeks. As of right now, 16 weeks in I haven't seen any crazy changes. I use a lot of products on my hair after washing because my hair tangles very easily. My relaxed hair is long as well, so I don't want to chop it all off until I really need to. I would assume if you keep up your regular trims, you should be ok until the texture difference is too unbearable. Hang in there, you will be ok!
Hey Honee,

I'm now 6 months post and my relaxed hair is also very long (BSL). When I was still relaxing I got a touch up every 8 weeks. But right after the last one in August 2008 I started transitioning...this also included stopping to wear my hear straight from day one. No more blow dryers, no more straightening iron. Low manipulation is the key. I started wearing braid outs...
How do you wear you hair?
Also deep conditioning is essential. And moisture of course!
I try to pay attention on both my relaxed hair and my NG. They have different needs. My relaxed hair wants to be detangled almost daily and it loves to be combed or brushed. I hold the relaxed hair with one hand so that I don't pull the NG.
I NEVER comb or brush my dry NG! I just use my fingers to detangle it prior to washing and use a laaaaarge comb to detangle it when it's loaded with conditioner. I moisturize my NG daily and oil the relaxed hands with a little jojoba.

Don't give up! You'll get great support here!

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Thank you Lorraine09 and GermanCurly. I appreciate your responses! I guess I'll just have to hang in there. I am deep conditioning weekly and self trimming every 4 weeks by doing 10 or so braids and snipping the tips of them (can I even call that a trim?). I am wearing braidouts, but lately they are not looking so great. I think it's because I have a hard time smoothing down the edges. I wind up wearing it up a lot, but sometimes I feel like I look like an old woman with it all up LOL. I'm still trying to master how to keep it looking nice for the week until my next wash...right now I'm re-braiding it every night which takes forever. I'm just not sure if I'm using to much product by putting Curls Milkshake followed by cocunut oil before I braid each section every night. By the end of the week my hair feels oily to the touch...but I'm not sure how else to keep it moisturized. How can I tell if it's moisturized enough?
Maybe to oil every day is too much? My hair doesn't like the Milkshake so I cannot say anything about this.
I rebraid daily with just a homemade spritz (with water, glycerin and some oils) to rewet a little. After washing my hair I use vatika oil to seal the moisture.
Yes, rebraiding takes some time. But it's worth it...I don't want to cut my hair now with 3 inches of NG. Braiding helps blending the textures.

I'm also still experimenting on how to achieve the perfect moisture level. My texture is very mixed. From 2b-4a...It's hard to keep all my hair satisfied
mother-tongue: German - sorry for the mistakes I'll make!!!
Last relaxer: August 14, 2008
BC: July 11, 2009
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