I am finally going curly after years of relaxed hair!!

Well, after loads of research and great websites like this one, I have my first "curly hair" appt. at Devachan in NYC in July. I can't wait. I have about four inches of new growth (3B) and even the relaxed strands of my hair still curl naturally. I will let you know how it goes. I know it will be the best thing I ever did for my hair.
Hi, I recently(like months ago) went natural and I love it! What I thought my hair was, is not what it was. In the time I've been natural I've learned that my natural hair is black...I wanna say jet black,..but It's alot darker than it was when it was permed. Also I didnt really know my hair texture I knew I had 3c and 4a...but at my crown it's like 3b, and at first the sides and back had poor curl definition and didnt even really seem to curl, but now it curls up fine like the other parts and some of the curls even look looser and curl defintion has improved like 100%. I use curl activator or 'any' kind of gels, and it's fine, I recently mixed curl activator with two other holding curl gels, with some hair conditioner and it's GREAT! Hope this helps you to look forward to the big day.
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Congrats on your decision! Please take lots of pics!
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can you deep condition with cornrows in your hair?
yay, go girl, its a great feeling to have those curls back, isnt it,, for me relaxer sucks!
Currently Transitioning since Sept 05 ,, hair Type 3b/c,, will NEVER relax again and I want my curls and length back!!! Armpit length in front and nearly bra strap in back, growing and loving having my natural hair back......
I love Devachan. I was just there in April and May for cut and color.
Good Luck and keep us posted.
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Congrats! Looking forward to seeing pics!
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Well, I just had my first appointment at Devachan. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my curly hair!!!!! No more relaxers for me - yea!!!!! I could not believe how springy and spirally my curls are and I still have about two inches of relaxer left in my hair and he did not have to cut it off!!! I am so happy that I will no longer be using chemicals in my hair. This was the best decision I have ever made. I will definitely share some pictures with all of you shortly. Will keep you all posted.
I am so glad to hear of you going curly, Peaches35! You definitely have my support 100 percent. I hope that your experience at Devachan will be all that and then some!
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wow, congratulations! I love hearing these goos hair stories. I have been transitioning since last Noveber and am thinking of getting my hair cut by Dana of Textures in NYC. My relaxed ends curl also so I wont be cutting off much but it still scary!

Anyway congrats again!
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Hi Zahra

I was a little nervous as well. But, I decided that it was time. My relaxed hair was starting to shed, then it would start to break and to top it all off it was all over processed. Trust me, as long as you feel comfortable with your "curly hair" stylist all will be fine. A bit of advice - the best thing to do to prepare yourself for this wonderful change is to order some sample sets of different products for your hair type from this website. That is what I did and now I have different products to work with depending on the condition of my hair that day or the weather. Good luck to you and let me know how it goes!!!
Thanks SYB - So far, so good. I am loving my natural curls. Will keep all of you posted!!
Peaches, I went to dana a few days ago and I love the cut she gave me. The shape is great and Ill definitely be going back to her. i cant wait for all my relaxed hair to grow out.
3c and 4a. DevaCurl No Poo, Curls Milkshake and Souffle. BC in April 2007.

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