FINALLY all natural again!

After 17 months of transtioning (and regret for ever getting that stupid relaxer), I finally cut off the rest of the straight ends yesterday! It's a lot shorter than I would normally go, but I don't care because I am loving being all curly again. I literally pulled my hair back every day for the past year & a half because I hated the relaxer, so to be able to wear it out again finally feels so good! Those of you transitioning right now, stick it out because it's worth it.. the time goes by fast, just don't harp on it. Thanks to you guys because I read the posts on here daily and it helped me so much. =) =)

im glad to hear youre enjoying your hair.
all natural.

my head is full of naps, coils, kinks and thickness.

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Congrats your hair!!! You are my inspiration, I can't wait till the day I can be at this point in my journey. I've got about a year more to go. maybe longer.

Enjoy your hair!!
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congrats. it's worth the wait (i'm relaxer free now too!)
even tho one can get very inpatient at times! :P
Hey Congrats! I cant wait to get to the point your at. I have like another year before I get the length I want to cut it at. My boyf keeps saying I should just do the BC (Im 8 months in) but Im so scared!
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Thanks for sharing your success story with us all! I too am all natural and feeling nothing but freedom from having been a slave to relaxers for so long!
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this point of the transition is hard for me and part of me wants to give up but you amazing curlies are helping me hang in there! i know it will be worth it in the end
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Thanks, girls! Everyone's so sweet... All of you who are still transitioning, just keep your goal in mind, and know that it will be worth it! I found it easiest to get a little bit cut off about every 6 weeks or so. It gave me encouragement to know that I was consistantly getting closer and closer to being relaxer free. Thanks again for all the congrats! =)

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