I'm just sick and tired of it!!

i think it looks very cute. the pixie look (that's what i call them) make's women look very youthful.
Originally Posted by godgavemecurls82
really? my bf and my mother actually really like my hair I'm slightly growing into it..since I'm playing with it and trying new styles :-D I might post more pics so u can see what I came up with!

and to GeminiSign....yea pills should not be necessary i skipped the last two days lol im horrible I know!
I Bc'd!! --> July 1st, 2009

Congrats!!! its so cute!
BC: March 20, 2010 -Took a long 17.5 months but I made it!!!
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Wow, it looks great. I've been transitioning for about 6 months too and I'm so sick of my relaxed ends...I'm feeling inspired by your pics
It looks awesome! I wish I could pull off short hair, but it'll make me look much younger (which isn't good when you're a teenager)
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27th Febuary 2010
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Trying CG (properly) soon. Last year's attempt failed, provoking straightening.
I love Ballet! <3
Congratulations. It looks really cute. I hope that mine looks as cute when I cut at the end of the month. Have fun!
Congratulations on your big chop. You have beautiful texture and might I add lots of healthy growth for only 6-months. You go girl!!!
Currently Transitioning!!!
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Looooving it....beautiful curls. Congrats on the BC!
Last Relaxer : Nov. 2008
BC: Sept. 5, 2009

CG & Loving it!

Beautiful curls!!!
"Live everyday as it is your last'

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