Ok transitioing for me has been hard for me cuz of these three reason
-my hair is always getting matted at the roots /new growth I donít why even though I put a lot of work detangling and it happen after I do a braidout then go to sleep.i recently found out that your not suppose to sleep with wet no duh lol but idk what the other reasons why my hair is getting matted like tha.if you see it its like dreading /knots dry this normal idk what to do anymore
-my hair is a bit past shoulders length and I have like 4 inches of new growth problem is w/e I put in my hair whether its oil or leave in.i cant nvr comb new growth I can comb it when its wet but not that much people keep telling me my hair is hard BUT when I touch it it feels soft and smooth.but they canít comb it when its dry cuz the comb gets there anything I can put to make it combable.
Breakage Ėhow to prevent less breakage cuz my hair breaks a WHOLE LOT
perhaps you are using products with protein in it? sometimes too much protein can make hair hard and begin to break. my hair was hard and dry but i stopped using products with protein as much and my hair has been doing well since.

with wet combing, make sure you are using a wide (very) tooth comb. i like the detangling comb by goody's. it is under 2 bucks at sally's. i don't know how far you are in your transition, but my hair experienced some breakage in the first 2-3 months. during this time, detangling was a problem and my hair begain breaking off at the line of demarcation.

i don't comb my hair dry. i always comb it wet and soaking with conditioner starting from the ends and going up to the roots last. sometimes, if your hair isn't detangling easily, you might try diluting some conditioner with water. that may help you with your detangling problems.

to mention i'm 16, if that helps.
I am a Christian. GOD Bless You All.

Natural 3c/4a hair. Transitioned from January 15, 2009 to January 22, 2010 for 1 year and 1 week.

Low Porosity


Last edited by ayotal; 07-23-2009 at 02:16 AM. Reason: my age
ive been transitioning since august of 08 but i was forced to relaxed stab hair only new growth at the time which the coils or curls looser/wavy kind but not straight idk if tha counts.but i did count that and started again so its been 6 months now

im trying new products such as cantu leave in conditioner started today my hair is soft??? curls defined but may just be me and ive ben experince idk really big breakage or shrinkage i just took my braid extensions after having them for 1 n a half months and after deep conditioing my hair my hair is like up to my ears with like an inch or 2 of relaxed ends and im so confuseeeeed cuz before i braided my hair i straighten the new growth which was like 3 inches n a half wit all my hair and it wAS long a inch past my shoulders now its up to my ears it has totally shrinked are mine natural yet cuz i'm growing it out n i have 4a/4b not yet confirmed before i transitioned my hair was up to my neck
wow i never thought anyone my age was transitioning. im 14 almost 15. the cantu leave is magic my new growth feels super soft now!!!!! you made a great choice with that one.
i didnt think anyone my age would be transitioning either. I just turned 15 and i have a weave in right now but I havent had a relaxer since december
I'm 16 and I've been transitioning since like, December 2008.
It stinks to have to go thru school with hair like this, `eh? Haha.
she's sweet sixteen and a beauty queen
last straightening ; december 2008
I hope to be completely naturally curly by June 2010 for my senior class pictures ♥

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