beeswax and signatures

I'm still in transition with my hair (3 months no relaxer, 1 month cowashing), but for the most part I have been rollersetting my hair. I really want to let my waves come out and play, but my hair comes out a frizzy mess when I try.

I'm doing a MC (medium chop; only half of my length is getting cut. I'm a chicken ) and then I'm going to try styling using a jar of beeswax my mom used when she went back to her 'fro. how do I style with beeswax?

also, I want to set up a signature under my posts to announce my process and have cute quotes and such. how do I set that up?

Not sure about your 1st question, but to set up a signiture, you click on 'User CP' on the menu (with FAQ, members list, calender, new posts, see it) then 'edit signiture' (in the side menu) then you should be good from there!
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