I have been transitioning for 5 months now, and I have 6 inches of new growth. I can't tell the difference between my texturized hair and my new growth. The problem is I dont where to cut it.Can anyone give me advice on how to deal with this problem

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I am not really familiar with texturizers or if they are different from relaxers. I was relaxed and the way I can tell the difference between my new growth and the relaxed ends is when my hair is wet. The relaxed ends remain straight while my new growth curls. Hopefully others who've had texturizers can give more advice if there is a difference between the two.
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the way i self-bc'd was I left deep conditioner (any conditioner will do) in my hair and it was really easy to tell the difference between the two textures. HTH!!!
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When your hair is wet, your new growth would be way more curly than your natural hair. (I noticed that with my bffs hair).
Also, if you know that your new growth is by 6 inches. Just measure 6 inches from your roots and then cut below that 6 inches.

Hope I could help.
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