Help! Took my sew-in out...

I had a sew-in done three weeks ago, because I wanted to try a protective style. I will say that I have, kind of, fine hair that is a mix of 3b and 3c, which might've been part of my problem. I haven't had a relaxer since last October, almost a year now. My roots were getting extremely curly, and the permed ends weren't doing anything anymore. I needed something so I could look half-decent at work.

So, I got curly hair and had someone do a sew-in. It was fine. I wasn't like in love with it, but it served its purpose. I could wake up in the morning and look good for work. No more half of my hair would curl and the other half wouldn't.

However, I just got the extensions taken out after three weeks. And my hair a complete mess. It was completely knotted up on the sides. I feel like when I was brushing it out that I lost a lot more hair than was naturally shed while my hair was braided. It feels much thinner and stringy. Also, I had one particular knot that was tangled together with a piece of extension. It was impossible to get out, and I had to cut a piece of my hair.

Unfortunately, it was in the front, and because I already have about three inches of new growth, it makes a big puff in the front. I can no longer do ponytails or a simple bun pulled back.

I wasn't devastated, but I was sad that I did this. Because my hair was so healthy prior to this. And it's impossible to tell if a lot of what I lost was just parts of the relaxed ends that broken off when I was detangling or if I was losing hair from the root.

In a way, I feel like this is forcing my had to BC. What I want to know is if I should wait for a few days? Should I give my hair a few days to recover prior to doing anything else?
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Did you comb your hair out before you washed it?
My hair goes haywire as well when i take out my kinky twists. Did you brush or comb your hair dry? If so, you should part your hair dry into sections, and wet and detangle with LOTS of conditioner before you actually wash your hair. Make sure you deep condition as well. I'm not sure how your extension piece got knotted up in your own hair...did you get a partial sew in? I'd suggest a full sew in next time (if there is one) so all of your hair will be braided and out of the way, free from potential tangles and knots. And last but not least, keep your braided hair moisturized with a spritzer beneath the sew in.

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