Are you afraid... bc?

I wouldn't say I was scared. I am nervous though b/c I'm not confident in my knowledge of my own natural hair yet. I'm still experimenting with products and techniques and if I "mess up" or if my "do" don't do what I envisioned, then I like that I have still have length for a bun/ponytail. It's not the "natural" part I'm waiting for, it's the length, I guess. So what about you guys?

I think I am more afraid of how I will bc. Will I do it myself, go to a salon or get a friend to help? I'm not afraid to cut my hair I just don't want it to look all jacked up. I plan to transition for at least 13-14 months and don't want to end up losing too much hair when I finally decide to bc. So I guess I am concerned about the length also.
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I'd have to say that I'm not afraid but definitely hesitant. I have always had long hair and it has always been [chemically] straightened while under my care. I'm a little worried that a combo of short hair and amateur techniques will make me look crazy!

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Yup...that's it (for now... )
I am a little bit scared, but it isn't due to desiring length - although I love ponytails and buns. My hubby is more attached to my length than I am and consequently it just sort of makes me to want to transition longer. Marriage=compromise

But anyway, I'm kinda leery about being thrust into learning my newly discovered hair once I do BC, and transitioning longer gives me more time to reserch and prepare.
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I'd have to say that I'm not afraid but definitely hesitant. I have always had long hair and it has always been [chemically] straightened while under my care. I'm a little worried that a combo of short hair and amateur techniques will make me look crazy!
Originally Posted by SwtAnana
i feel the same way, i feel like since i'm transitioning mostly with braids that i'm not getting time to know my hair and that makes me scared

I'm not exactly afraid (I've done quite a bit of cutting) but definitely hesitant. Originally I planned on transitioning for 6 months but I'm going into month 7 and am shooting for a year/year and a half via protective styles. I'm pleased with the progress so far but I definitely want some length so I can try different styles.
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Im afraid for the many reasons stated by you all: length, styling, time, adopting new techniques, and etc.
Im quite comfortable in my routine and I don't think Im ready to give it up just yet. Im the laziest person in the world and I don't feel like re-learning how to do my hair. My signature style is a bun and if I chop now than the bun will no longer be a style option for me and Im not ready for that.
Im also used to having bangs or hair in my face. If I can't sweep my hair to the side than its not long I'll wait.
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YES! I am a transitioner and I am scared of the BC. I have had long hair for the majority of my life and I'm worried that I can't go back to my old faithful- ponytail.
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CG & Loving it!

I guess I'm not scared since I just cut off a lot of hair a few minutes ago. I do however have concerns that I'll look like Florida Evans. I'm getting it braided tomorrow though. All of the relaxer is almost out.
So I'm definately GUILTY OF BEING LENGTH OBSESSED. Length is probably the only reason I'm putting up with these darn straight ends.

Ah well, I've been transitioning for about 10 months and I decided I'm going to wait until the year mark and see how much growth I've achieved.
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I am little scared to BC. I look at other people's BC's on Youtube or Fotki and they look wonderful. I am just afraid it will not look the same. I have been transitioning for 10 months. My natural hair is coming in different textures and it shrinks big time after it dries. I really want to be able to put my natural hair in a ponytail before I BC so I am trying to hold out until June 2010.
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