trying to go back curly, but my hair isn't cooperating

i would be all thrilled about going curly again, if only my hair would cooperate. i've been relaxing it on and off since i was 12 years old (i'm 18 now), and now my hair is so damaged that it won't even curl back up.

i recently cut my hair so that it stops at my shoulders and i think it would be so cute curly. so i washed it and put in leave-in conditioner, a little bit of Blue Magic, and a smaller amount of mousse and what did i get: a big puffy mess.

when i was younger my hair was cork-screw curly, but now the whole top dries straight and it curls up at the ends and looks crazy. the other problem is my hair grows curly from the root, so i can't wear it down at all.

my hairdresser said that i have to stop wearing it up in ponytails because of the breakage, but i don't know what a good compromise is. it's not like i can wear it down, and i hate wearing it up, but at least when i wear it up it looks halfway decent.

i was thinking about just cutting it all off to mid-ear but my hair is so thick that i think it would make it worse. i just don't know what to do.
I went through that same phase when I first started transitioning (I'm 8 months in now) I didn't want to wear it in a pony tail, so I would just randomly clip it up in those mini claw clips, and it looked really cute. I did that for a couple of months on the most part, and it helped alot. Have you considered doing the CG method? And maybe you should try a curl enhancing gel instead of mousse? Got2B spiked up gel is really curl enhancing, and cheap. What type hair do you have?

You are using the wrong products in your hair. Blue Magic is too greasy even in small amounts, and I can testify to that! And the mouse will only leave your hair stiff, with no movement. Try Motions products instead, if you are looking reasonably priced products that you can find at your local Wal-Mart or Sally's, that will work with curly hair and not against it. This is a whole system that I am recommending you try:

Motions At Home Weightless Conditioning Shampoo
Motions At Home Weightless Detangling Conditioner
Motions At Home Weightless Clear Hairdress

Since you are not comfortable at this time wearing your hair down, then by all means finding protective styles to is probably the best option for you. Doing a curly updo or even putting your hair back into a bun would be good styles for you to wear.

Good luck transitioning!
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I agree that Blue Magic is probably not the route to go. Have you considered braidouts?
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well, i'm not sure what type of hair i have. naturally it's probably between 3b and 3c, but i haven't seen it natural in a looooooooooong time. right now it's still relaxed for the most part. the last time i got it relaxed was in may.

i haven't considered braidouts, but i might now. i usually try not to braid my hair though because my face is kind of babyish and i tend to look young with cornrows or twists. but i'm sure i can find some styles to suit me.

thanks so much for all the help! i really appreciate it.

and SYB, i have seen the Motions products so i'm going to try those out. thanks!
In my experience I've learned that mousse and blue magic do absolutely nothing for my curls. another suggestion for products would be LA Looks gel-theres different formulas so it depends what kind of hold you want or need. I noticed the Sport gel (blue) encourages the most curls out of them all but its also the highest level 10 hold. when I don't want that much hold, I use the Mega gel (green) level 8 hold-this works pretty good to. Another gel I like is Curl Booster F/X fixative gel-softer hold but still works good. (on dripping wet hair) I scrunch in gel over conditioner that wasn't rinsed all the way out. This seems to do the trick for making curls out of previously relaxed 3b/c curls- at least for me. Maybe you can try it.

Oh also I have to diffuse in order to get as curly as can be. Airdrying... well i don't like my hair dripping all over my shirt for half the day! so I at least diffuse for like 5 min.

twist outs and braid outs would also encourage curls/texture.
*wanted to add: Be patient. your hair has to get used to being curly again. We are in similar boats. I've been relaxing for over 10 years. and its been almost 6 months since the last one. My hair wasn't this curly the whole time(since February). I must say that I also think the CG routine helped my curls a bit too. but be patient, they'll (your curls) catch on.
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