I'm About To Cry.

I am *trying* to transition my hair from relaxed to natural, and I recently got a cut, but it didn't get all of the damaged parts out. I don't want to go too short because I'm about to start college and I'm afraid of getting a bad cut, but the cut I just got I absolutely hate. I don't know what to do...I don't know if I should get more cut off and start fresh, or let it grow more. It looks stupid the way it is right now...part of it is really curly, and part of it is straight/wavy. I hate it and I start school in two weeks...Any advice?
When I get in a rut I always throw it in braids and deal with it a couple of months later. Maybe by then you'll have time to find a stylist in school so when the braids come out you'll have somebody to go to

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Maybe you can equalize the texture by doing a braid out or twist out, or a twist and curl?
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