Is it ok to transition until my natural hair reaches my shoulders


i dont know how long ive been transitioning because ive been researching natural hair for a while but before that i didnt get a relaxer for a while

so im just going to say sine april which means ive been transitioning for about 4 months and i have bout 2in of natural hair.

i dont want to do the BC because im in middle school (im almost 13) and theres just to many things going on for me to do that

so i was wondering is it bad if i transition until im natural up to my shoulders (or 8in if my hair grows up not down)

its perfectly fine to transition till you at the length you want, maby a bit longer.from personal knowledge my hair shrinks around 50%, so if you shrink like me it would take a couple years for the layer near your ears to reach you shoulders.
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DT- Still working on that
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I don't know how well I'll keep it up, my blog The Lions Mane
I agree with Melanie. You can transition for as long as you wish and to any length. The important thing is that you take care of your natural hair during this time. Give it TLC and you will be rewarded.
Shoulder length is the length Im going for before I BC. I'll be going on two years (month 24) in November and my hair still will not be shoulder length shrunken. Im guessing it will take another six months after that for the bottom layer to reach shoulder length.
good luck and happy hair growing.
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Goal length: hip
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