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I was born 8 weeks early with a full head of dark ringlets. My hair was cut short around age 7, when my mother couldn’t deal with the tangles. It wasn’t until high school that I managed to successfully grow out the short haircuts.

I would say that my curls were a 3b+. You’ll understand the use of the word “were” shortly. I’ve struggled to get my hair looking healthy and not frizzy and bushy. I thought I knew what I was doing. Then a friend of a friend told me about Devachan and Lorraine Massey. But, around the time I was reading the Curly Girl book (I wasn’t convinced about cones yet), my boyfriend’s sister, who is a high end hairdresser in CT, talked me into relaxing my hair. I’d never done that before, in fact I’ve only had my hair blown straight about a half a dozen times in my entire life (and I’m 43). We agreed that she wouldn’t relax it stick straight. She talked to me about styling it with a blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron. Who me? Who’s never handled that stuff? This was 5 weeks ago.

Anyway, she warned me that it would take at least a week for my hair to settle down from the chemicals. Uh, right. Bought a curling iron and burnt my forehead. The flat iron I bought ripped my hair. I returned them both. So I’ve been searching for the right styling products for my new 2a-ish hair. I also had my hair styled for a wedding several weeks ago and think the stylist really fried my hair. As I’ve been flipping out about my hair I’ve been more and more convinced about the CG routine. But it’s so hard giving up cones in humid weather.

From a recommendation here, I have an appt. for a haircut with the Devachan trained stylist at Beehive Salon in Brooklyn for next Saturday. My Jessicurl trial pack is on the way. I got my microfiber towel last weekend and plopping has given me the best curls since the relaxing. But forget retaining the curl formation for a second day, and a ponytail (gotta get it off my neck in this heat) also stretches out the curl. I’m not used to this!

I’m hoping that since there is still curl to my hair and since it was only one relaxing, not years of it, that I can transition back to my 3b curls gradually. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

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