Silkener or D-Curl Treatment Horror Story!

Hello All!
Here is my Horror Story - If you can help/have advice etc. I'd love to hear it! (I've also posted this on the "Newbie" board).

This particular stylist Convinced me to try a "D-Curl" Treatment or "Silkener" - to tame my very curly, very fine hair. She insisted it would help the broken pieces around my temple grow out - and that it would only remove the frizz not REDUCE the curl. (This was at the very end of May - the 30th actually).

Well - as you can imagine - it did reduce the curl and now it's sort of straighter on top and curly at the bottom. Most people can't see a difference, even though I feel it looks terrible!

It's funny - I never knew how much I identified with my curls - until something happened to them. Now I am so paranoid that they will never again look the same. I am anxiously awaiting my new growth - and I have vowed NEVER to touch my hair again, not even to color it (until it starts graying - but I'm only 24). The only thing I will be doing to it - is trimming it (at a great Salon I found in RI - where I live - where they cut it dry etc.)

I am so nervous that my hair will not grow back in curly! But I don't see how this would occur. I am actually thinking about perming the straighter pieces on top to get the curl back in for when it grows out.

Any advice?

- Kelly
I wouldn't relax the top pieces, that would defeat the purpose of going back to your curls. The closest thing that happened to me was that a stylist used too much heat on my hair and made pieces of my hair permanently straight. For me I just decided to cut the straight pieces out because of my hair being thicker. For you I would think to try to fingercurl those straight pieces, try a rod set, twistout or braidout so they they won't be so noticeable. Then just trim your ends over time because the only thing that would really fix this would be time or cutting.

natural since 6/05
Hi Curlee Q - I didn't mean a relaxing perm - I meant a Curling Perm. Sorry for the Confusion!
I would love to be able to cut off the straighter pieces - but my hair is too fine.
I have between 3B and 3C type curls but very fine.

I was thinking a curly perm would help achieve a more uniform look.
How long does it take to grow out your hair anyway? I'm thinking a year?
Oh okay, well the only thing when dealing with a process to relax your culrs some, the results may be unpredictable. To grow your hair out it depends on the length of your hair. A good average is about 6 inches a year. Also I don't think you can really put a curly perm over a texturizer. That would be very damaging to your hair.

natural since 6/05

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