Hello all! I have been reading and learning for a couple months (doing CG method!) and am ready to do some posting.

I've found products I like and a method that works great for me to get the clumpy curls I want, but I'm still struggling with frizz half way through the day! Any suggestions for refreshing hair midday?

What I found works for me is doing everything Princess Leia style- meaning keeping and scrunching my hair on the sides of my head. Out of the shower I lean forward and leave the clumpy curls I got with wet hair and put all my products in. When I scrunch with the microfiber towel, I bunch one side of hair into a clump and squeeze it. Then I do the other side. I had been doing everything upside down, which worked great for roots, but I lost the clumpy curls. Now I have my clumpy curls, but flatter roots. At least I can give the roots a little lift with clips.

Still working on it. I appreciate all your help!