Struggles of No Pooing

Hello everyone!
I'd like some feedback from the girls who have gone completely no poo, and do the baking soda wash + apple cidar vinegar method :3

Well i started about a week ago, and so far its been pretty easy. But i've noticed that my hair falls out a lot more through this method. I was wondering if anyone had this problem or knows why this is happening? It also feels pretty dry after the i rinse everything out.

After I was I just plop my hair, but it gets pretty frizzy at the top of my head (keep in mind i dont brush my hair). The fizziness annoys me so i was wondering whats some good products to combat the frizziness.

I guess what my overall question is, should I stick to this method or would the co-wash method work better? >.<
Baking soda can be extremely drying, even if you use ACV afterward to balance the pH. Sometimes it works for those with extra fine hair but even they need conditioner every once in a while. Try adding a CG conditioner to get some moisture back. It should help with frizz.

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If you are using the baking soda everyday, that's probably the problem. Even balancing it with ACV, it can be hard on your hair.

Most curlies who no poo, cowash. Which is washing with conditioner. I would back off the BS/ACV wash and rinse and try cowashing instead. I think you might get better results with no frizz.

I only BS/ACV once a week or even two weeks. I cowash, rinse, then use a heavier condish and rinse. In the winter I even use a leave-in condish.

You probably need more condish in your routine. It should solve a lot of problems...your hair shouldn't feel dry when you get out of the shower!
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I dont shower every day with this concoction but I do every other day because I exercise regularly. I think you two are right though, I shall be sure to try co washing!

I use baking soda wash right before I dt, then I put my dt on put a shower cap over and wrap a towel around. Then I usually leave it over night or for a couple hours at least and then I shower rinse it out and apply conditioner as normal. And at the very end I rinse with cold water and ACV. This is the only way I can keep my hair moisturized.
I do this once or twice a week and it has done amazing things for my hair. I also co wash though and I do so once a week to 10 days, but I find water takes most of my dirt out and the baking soda also helps.
My hair is low porosity and this is the only way I can get it really moisturized which has made my frizz disappear almost completely.


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