dirty feeling?

my hair just wont be soft its not exactly greasy, just kind of.. gross and heavy. i started cowashing (with tresemee. before i used yes to carrots shampoo) to try and fix it but it feels exactly the same, although its looking a little better. i rinse really well so i dont think that's the problem. ive tried evoo and mayo rinses. i only use a cream-gel, and not on the roots, where it's feeling bad. help??
Have you tried clarifying your hair with an acv wash or a shampoo? My hair felt coated and icky like that so I shampooed with a sulfate free shampoo.
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Perhaps try a lighter conditioner..I started using Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner and it is light and smells amazing..some other light-ish conditioners are Frizz Ease, Care Curl..Nexxus Hydra Sleek Silken Smoothing Cond..and Paulas Choice smooth finish..tresemme is a very heavy conditioner so that can be adding to the gross icky feeling..I had that same issue and I switched conditioners and it resolved it..try washing with a low-sulfate shampoo or no-sulfate shampoo weekly and switch to a lighter conditioner and you should notice a difference
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Thanks to both of you! i picked up suave naturals (green apple smells sooo good) and that helps a bit, ive decided to get up the guts and wash with the apple vinegar tomorrow
I tried washing with baking soda, then acv and it worked perfectly! super soft, and i got three day hair but now i just did cowashing again and its back to feeling not so great.. i dont want to acv every time, i feel like that'd be damaging is it just my conditioner? ive tried a bunch of different ones now...
Do you know what your hair properties are (fine/medium/corse texture, porosity, etc)? The more you can tell us about your hair the more we'll be able to help.
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The Yes to Carrots shampoo is a silicone free, sulfate shampoo, so it should have been a good clarifier.

You don't say what you're using for conditioner or gel, though. If there are silicones in either or both, that could be the problem.

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Sorry to butt in, but I'm having a similar problem - my hair was great for two or three weeks after starting CG, now I always seem to have residue of some kind on my scalp, and often have gunky roots too The conditioner I'm using is just aloe vera juice and plant oils...would a baking soda rinse help...?
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NVM - just washed with baking soda solution and rinsed with a very light lemon juice rinse, and that sorted it right out!
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