Help!!! Bad hair month!!!

HELPPPPPPPPP! I've been doing the no-poo method and at first it was really working. My hair looked really amazing.

It has been about 2 months now and I can't stand the way my hair looks. My curls are now undefined, poofy at the bottom and flat on top so it has a horrible triangle shape.

What should I do??? Any tips???
The same thing happened to me. It sounds like your hair has become overconditioned? My hair was so bad that I couldn't get more than light wave to basically looked like I had straight hair and I couldn't get it to do anything. I went to my stylist and he had me stop conditioning my hair for a while. I'd shampoo it, spray in some detagler and leave it. Eventually it went back to normal. My hair is fine and it just could not handle being washed with conditioner. I have to wash my hair everyday when I'm wearing it curly...but this hasn't hurt it all all.

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