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peaches095 11-21-2011 07:29 AM

mane 'n tail conditioner??
Can anyone tell me if mane 'n tail conditioner is a good conditioner for cowashing or for if i'm only washing my hair with conditioner(replacing shampoo)???
thx in advance :))
<3 <3 <3

Seminole 11-21-2011 08:02 AM

Not for me. It left my hair stripped and dry. I'm a 4b and it helped with breakage (it has a lot of protein) , but was too harsh.

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nattykins 11-23-2011 09:00 AM

I used it when I started co-washing and my hair felt really greasy and heavy. The second I switched to another conditioner (some no name discount brand that's CG) for co-wash my hair feels amazing!

CaseyGoNatural 11-23-2011 09:59 AM

I loooved the mane n taik conditioner! I used it as a leave in all the time &it gave me great slip! Never use the shampoo though, I think it's the HARSHEST shampoo i've used! But I recommend the conditioner and not rinse it out! :)

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KinkyKhami 12-12-2011 10:54 PM

Is there any cones in MnT? I never thought to use it

curlybran 12-12-2011 11:02 PM

I looked today and I'm not an expert but I don't think there is. I love it!!!! I use it every other wash as a leave in

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