Baking Soda and Water to clense oil?!

Hey all,

So I'm "no pooing," day 3, however I'm doing a modified CG and using a baking soda/water mixture to "cleanse hair."

I read a bunch of articles on how this "no pooing" method is great however I haven't seen any curlies talk about it.

I also use a ACV/water mix as a "conditioner" but I am still adding in a real conditioner in the shower as well as a detangler, leave in conditioner and gel out of the shower.

Has anyone tried the baking soda cleanse? Today I feel oily so I'm not sure if it's working. Should I stick with it or quit it? Thoughts? Experience? It would be greatly appreciated.
i no poo. but not often. i do it like you. bs, acv rinse, then condish for detangler.

every so often i do get some product build up that the no poo cant take care of. i use a cg friendly shampoo to wash, (cant remember the name. since i dont shampoo often i just steal some of my sister's). I think this year i have use shampoo maybe 3 times, if that. personally for me, too much buildup, no poo cant cleanse good enough.
Usually there's an adjustment period where it takes times for your hair to adjust and may be too oily or dry. You can adjust the recipe to your needs.
Dry hair: dilute the baking soda more. Or CO wash
Oily hair: increase baking soda.
Baking soda is what clarifies hair.
The vinegar rinse is what seals and add shine.
You need the the bs and acv together to balance the ph levels of your hair. The baking soda is alkaline and raises the hair's cuticles while the vinegar is acidic and smoothes the cuticle.

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