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I just want to make people aware of this WONDERFUL invention called the scalp brush! (not a "scalp massager") I knew that with co-washing I needed to really rub my scalp with my fingertips to get the dirt and stuff off since I wasn't using sulfates to do it for me -- but my hands and arms and fingers would get soooo tired! Then I remembered someone mentioning something once about a scalp brush, so I searched on ebay and voila! 99 cents plus shipping! (beware, some of them with free shipping come from Hong Kong and could take weeks to arrive)

I used it for the first time yesterday, and oh my goodness my scalp felt so great and clean and my arms thanked me for it!!!

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I've had the Denman version for years.
The bristles are stiff..but they feel soooo good when rubbed on the scalp.
I use it all the time when shampooing, co-washing even just rinsing..because it feels so good.

I used to think it could almost pass for the tangle teezer when it first came out..if the bristles were not so stiff.

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You can get a similar one for 99 cents at any Walgreen's. I almost always use one.

They're usually in a goldfish bowl-like container on the bottom shelf under hair brushes and other such accessories - black with a place for you hand to slip thru, rather than the ring in the middle like the one above
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