No-Poo for Straight Hair?

I started the CG method quitting shampoo a week or so ago and am getting good results. I have a friend who has straight, very thick hair that gets greasy easily who was interested in trying no-poo. I am wondering if there are any resources for no-poo out for straight hair there or tips for doing it differently than normal CG?


2c/3a botticelli
No-poo (Or just cutting sulfates and silicones, using a sulfate-free poo like I do most of the time) can work for all hair types to give them healthier hair. It depends on the person. I tried straight co-washing many times and it made my hair a bit limp, so now I regularly use sulfate-free shampoo and get better results that way.

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Thanks for the link, I will pass it on to my friend.

2c/3a botticelli

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