CG with tight COILY hair

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I have type 4 hair and I have been CG for around 2 years. My hair has really progressed dramatically I think. Being CG has really upped the moisture of my hair.
When I first started doing Wash n go's my hair clumped in very small packs so it looked like I had a bajillion curls. With increased hydration, my curls clump together more thickly.

I think I am a modified CG? In the beginning I would use silicone conditioners to DC and then use a sulfate free shampoo.

Now I use silicone free conditioners and sulfate free shampoos. Sometimes I will shampoo once a week or just cowash for most of the month and then shampoo.

I am not really "into" wash n go's anymore. Maybe in the summer sometimes. I just wear twist outs in buns or pony tails.
Yea I've now cut out non-sulphate shampoos too. I'm going the no poo method using biocarb/distilled water mix, bentonite clay or Shea moistures purification mask as my cleansers.
I'll be using any silicone free conditioner mixed with acv (2 spoons of each). Leave ins and oils
To help style and stretch my hair. Hopefully this simpler regime will be easier for my hair.
- cleanse once a month
- co wash conditioner mix every week
Fingers crossed this will be ok

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