I have hair with a slight wave. What got me to try CO washing is this blog I've seen: Healthy Curls "Quick and Easy Steps to Discovering your Natural Texture." So I tried it out and my hair turned out wavy, curly even. I am hoping CO washing will help me make my hair like that again, without having to soak my hair with conditioner, leaving my hair in a heavy, oily, but curly mess. With CO washing, I am able to make my hair wavier, just a little, but still wavy. I use Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner which works really well for me, while I've been experimenting with other silicone-free conditioners like vo5 (made my hair kinda limp.. And not as great as it was for others..) and pretty much only vo5... Extra body and kiwi lime clarifying condish.. I havent really suffered from the transition, YET or maybe I already had but not pretty bad.

Well, enough about me, so I was wondering how your CO washing experience turned out.. Wavier? Curlier? Thicker? Longer? Softer? Drier? Shinier? Duller? Better? Worse? Anything? Please add before & after pictures if you can.