Tresseme is not being sold at walgreens?

Tresseme is not being sold at my local walgreens... I asked and they sold me it's been pulled, no reason. They're just not selling it there anymore.

I was wondering it's just in my area or is it all around?

Kinda PO'd :'(

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I think it depends on the demographics. There are two within 5 miles of home that don't sell it, there two within 8 miles that do. Go figure.

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I'd freak out if it ever got pulled. I have noticed that my local grocery store I usually buy it at has very low stock of it, but my nearby Walmart and target both sell it still. Maybe there's just not enough demand for it some places?
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I always see Tresemme products at Walgreens...EXCEPT the naturals line. I get PO'ed too. But Rite Aid right across the street sells it anyway AND I have a wellness card for discounts. So take that, Walgreens. :P

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Why didnt i think of rite aid!

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