first time cg method

hey everyone!!i decided to try the curly girl method as lately my hair is very bad.The curls are no longer defined and much looser than they used to be.Could be from often colouring it. I don't know. How long should I wait to see results??I am so anxious!!
thank you!!!!
How often do you color your hair? Also what products and techniques are you using? It takes some time and trial and error to get to where you want. I know it is frustrating, but don't give up! Check out the stickies in the newbies/intro forums. They are super helpful! Sorry I suck with computers and don't know how to add a link lol. Don't stop asking questions either. Everyone wants to help you. The general discussion board gets the most traffic, so posting questions there will get quicker responses. Good luck!
2b//high porosity//fine texture//medium density//low elasticity//loves protein
Lo-poo: SMMR, SMC&S
Clarifying: VO5 shampoos
Co-wash: VO5 conditioners
RO: VO5 conditioners
Styling: AIF, FSG, gelatin gel, ecostyler krystal
PT: IAGirl's gelatin treatment
thank you!!!i colour it about every 20-25 days and I use chemical colouring. My hair begun to look terrible when I switched to natural hair colour!Now I am back to chemical ones. My hair still is very frizzy maybe I am not using the right leave in treatment. I am so depressed with all this. Thank you for all your help!

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