questions of suave conditioners

when i use suave conditioners to co wash with i need
to use about 1/4 a bottle at each wash...why is this?(
i don't with my low poo)....i put on a big amount,then it feels like i don't have any in my hair so i keep putting it on til i feel like my hair has something in it so i can begin scrubbing my scalp...not sure why it takes SO MUCH to do the job? is my hair 'thirsty"?

also, after several times of using just this product to cowash on the top of my scalp i start getting a white buildup,i can scratch off some white stuff. its not itchy.
would brown sugar mixed with the conditioner help get this stuff off? how often would be too much? I do feel like i am scrubbing long enough so i don't think thats a problem and i feel i rinse thoroughly.

2c hair, low to low-med porosity,coarse dense coloring or heat used on it.....pretty healthy.

U may need something lighter as a cowash, maybe vo5. Or a Lo/no poo every one in awhile?
3B, Fine, Normal P, Normal E, Low-Med D
LowP: Kinky Curly Come Clean (50% EVOO)
NoP: As I Am CC
RO: Suave Coconut, VO5 Shea Cashmere
LI: KCKT or CJBCLI or HETT/HENOYF (w/ 8 drops GSO)

"To much is given, much is expected"
I know when I first started with CG method, I felt like I needed way more co-wash than I actually did. Remember that there are ingredients in the conditioner that work as surfactants, and the real cleansing comes from the motion of massaging your scalp. I'd try cutting back to the amount you use when you use a cleanser and see if your scalp feels clean enough. HTH!
My hair: 3b, corkicelli, medium porosity, medium texture, medium/thick density

Co-wash: DevaCurl NoPoo
Rinse-out: GVP Conditioning Balm
Leave-in: KCKT, Suave Naturals Coconut, or my rinse-out!
Gel: SS FHG (my new HG!!)... I also like HESMU, AIF, CJ CQ, BRHG, CJ PP and the occasional LALSG

Likes: Plopping!
Dislikes: Glycerin

CG and loving it!
Co washing, as in washing the scalp not the length, should require only a quarter sized amount. It will not be like shampooing your hair with lots of product/lather. Imo, you are using way too much and that is probably the main cause of the build up. That being said, I cannot use drugstore brands for cowashing (or conditioning) no matter how much or little I use - the ingredients don't agree with me, they build up, and they are never moisturizing enough.

You can kill the build up with a bs wash, be sure to follow with an acidic rinse.
remember, with all advice or suggestions for your hair, YMMV!!
My hair:
2b wavy, medium texture, low porosity, med-high density. Protein finicky.
My routine:
Cleansing: DCNP, every 4-5 days (occasionally use CJ cleansers).
RO: CJSC, occasionally use JCDC
Gel: KCCC, CJCIAB for 2nd day hair (sometimes third)

Heat is my friend: warm water rinses, steam caps, and diffuse dry. I love CLU cloths and my Denman.
well, I also had to use a lot of product when using suave. Thats why I stopped using it. 1 bottle lasted about 6 or 7 cowashes.

No way a quarter sized amount will work for me.

Right now I am using MOP daily conditioner to co-wash and Tresemme naturals to rinse out.

With MOP I use less product than with any other cond, but still it is about 2 quarter sized amount.

Im happy!

Texture: Coarse / Porosity: High / Elasticity: Low / Curl pattern: 3b - 3c
BC and CG since Sept.15.2012
I like Tresemmé Naturals, Knot-today, Kinky Curly Curling Custard[/I]
Thanks everyone. i try not to use a lot of the conditioner on my scalp when i cowash but its the length of my hair
that just seems to suck it up. i put the cowash over the whole length and i have to keep on putting more on the length or it feels like there is nothing there. maybe i should just use a small amount for the scalp,rinse,then use conditioner on the length instead. i was using suave as my cowash and conditioner-in-one.

brown sugar scrub should help too.

i just didn't know why my hair would suck up so much of the suave when it didn't with other conditioners.

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