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Hi I'm new to this forum and looking for advice on how to care for my crazy curly hair. It has a mind of its own so I've straightened it for years. I recently decided to try to ditch the straightener in hopes of achieving a couple of inches of growth. My goal is to grow it out so it will look decent curly, since right now it is just at my shoulders and layered, so hair growth tips are welcome too! I've been washing my hair with conditioner ever couple of days for a couple of weeks now, but I need advice on what styling products to use. I do not know my hair type. I would say it looks most like 3a, but the description of 2c fits better. It is definitely curly though, not wavy. It is coarse and unmanageable and incredibly difficult to straighten. It takes forever and does not stay straight for anything. Most of the products I come across are geared more toward ethnic hair and I just think that will make my hair feel too greasy. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Try aloe Vera gel like the ones (for drinking) sold at Whole foods. I have 4a hair which is probably more dry than hour hair but 3 tbsp avg combined with 1 tbsp jojoba oil enhances my curls and five me a very soft hold. I have midneck length hair (if stretched) so you may have to adjust amounts based on your hair length. For you I would probably try a ratio of 3 tbsp avg with 1 tsp (not 1 tbsp) oil, assuming 1 tbsp oil may be too much for your type of hair. It is basically a trial and error game.
Correction. Give not five. Your not hour

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