SOS........Deva curl trial and hair feels like straw!?

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Kept hearing about the No-poo method. I even have the Curly girl book by Lorraine Massey somewhere from before she had her own line. Was hesitant and never tried it til now. Bought a starter kit and feel like my hair is worse than ever. Very dried out, frizzier and I think it is stripping out my color (I get highlights) UGH. Anyone else have this response. I used to use Catwalk Curls Rock. Any thoughts appreciated. Been doing it for about 21/2 weeks.
Hi there! The curly girl method often takes some trial and error. While the method emphasizes avoiding sulfates and silicones, it doesn't discuss other ingredients that can react in your hair--specifically glycerin and protein.

Protein can help build up the hair is not BAD per se, but it is possible to overload on protein-- this will cause hair to be stiff, coarse and dry.

Glycerin is also not "bad" - what it does, is attract water molecules. When the air is dry as it tends to be in the winter months, it can actually pull water out of the hair, drying it out.

Many Deva products contain large amounts of these two ingredients. I'd recommend seeking out products without these ingredients and I think you'll be happy it's a bit Of trial and error but you'll get there!
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Wouldn't it be stellar if there were a single hair specialist - some kind of curly-headed wunderkind - who could create a fool-proof approach to hair cuts and create the perfect line of hair products? Well, Ms. Massey aint her. The co-washing only method doesn't work for everyone. Deva cuts are Heaven for some and someone else's idea of a hot mess and every line of hair products disappoints someone out there. likes this.

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One thing that will help with the trial and error process is figuring out your hair properties- not the curl pattern, which can be very transient, but properties like texture, porosity, elasticity and density (texture and porosity really being the two most important). has fantastic information for determining properties. Once you know this, you can find people who have similar properties and see what's working for them. There's also a thread in the 2s forum (probably a few pages back) called "share your hair biography," which will basically provide you with tons of possible hair twins. For example, texture plays a a huge part in how much protein your hair will need/tolerate. My hair is fine in texture and I use protein daily plus do heavy protein treatments and I've never ended up over-proteined. On the other hand, we're having some extra cold days this winter and I'm finding that my hair has a limit for using glycerin.

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Yeah I had to quit the Devacurl. I think it even stripped out some of my highlights. Going to keep stalking this site for helpful hints. Think I basically am a 2b but do not know the rest yet....still learning. Funny thing my hair looks a bit like Lorraine Massey's although mine is shorter.
I used deva curl all summer long and I had the best curls ever. Then in the fall it wasn't working as great and my curls were not as tight and December, deva curl made my hair feel like straw! I think something in it...maybe the proteins...dry out my hair in the winter so I put them aside and tried more moisturizing products and my hair is bouncy and soft again!
I had to try alot of different products until I figuered out was best for the winter.

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