To those ladies who don't wash their hair every day...

Do you co-wash? Or just re-wet? Or nothing at all?

I like the idea of not washing my hair every day (I've been low-pooing or co-washing with a co-wash every day), but I'm afraid of product residue building up in my fine hair (I don't use products with silicones, however).

Would just rinsing get rid of residue? Does "I wash my hair once a week" = "I co-wash the rest of the days"? I'm just not sure how I can manage to not poo or co-wash every day while preventing build-up =/ Help?
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I co wash most days because I workout and the days I don't I can sometimes get third day hair, but usually only second day hair.

On the days I don't make it to the gym but need to style, I will de-tangle with conditioner but not scrub the roots. I just go by what my hair needs. Every time I wet my hair I use conditioner. I should also mention I do use silicones and have no issues with buildup, I can actually get away with using a sulfate free shampoo once every 2 weeks. Just do what you think your hair needs.

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It won't cause product build up, probably. Build up is really the accumulation of days and days of product ingredients not getting taken out. Just rinsing in the shower should be enough to remove products, because almost all CG products are pretty much water soluble. The motion of the water pouring down your hair should get the product out. When you wet your hair, you probably want to put conditioner on the ends though. So it doesn't get dry.

A lot of times when people say they don't wash their hair, they mean that they don't wet their hair in the shower at all on those days. Like, I only wash my hair every other day or third day. On the days that I don't wash my hair, I just pineapple it at night, then I take it down and go. When I shower, I put my hair up in a high bun so it doesn't get wet. So, that doesn't cause product build up because I'm not adding product. At most, I might flatten frizz down with a little water on my hands. People who go like a week or half a week between washing are likely to spray it with a water bottle (possibly with condish or styler in it) to rehydrate. I think the amount you wash probably just depends on how dry your scalp is, how well your style holds, and what kind of style you have in it.
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I wash my hair about twice a week (sometimes 3x a week). The other days I actually don't do anything about it, expect for a extra leave-in conditioner in the ends to keep it moisturized and frizz-free. At night I pineapple and sleep on a satin pillow case.
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It depends on how I have my hair. If it's in a protective style where my ends are tucked away like braided or twisted in an updo style then I make sure my hair is moisturized enough for me not to have to worry about for all the days that I'm not gonna do anything to it. If I'm wearing my hair in a loose style like a twistout and I'm not gonna wash nor cowash it then I just make sure that the ends are moisturized and seal with an oil that's it
I low poo 1-2x a week, co wash 1-2x, and just rinse and add leave in the other days. Until today, there was no such thing as 2nd day hair- it gets wet every day.
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i cowash and then shampoo every other day.
I only wet/cowash my hair 2-3x a week. At night I sleep on a satin pillowcase and partially pineapple my hair. In the morning I may smooth flyaways with a bit of water or gel. I'm not a perfectionist with my hair, so I'm okay that it looks different everyday.
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I also cowash 2-3 times a week. I've had absolutely no problems with buildup... in fact weirdly enough I feel like I can go longer w/out cowashing then before when I low-poo'd. I used to low-poo my hair every other day. Second day would be great but third would be getting flat at the crown, a bit greasy and not so great. Since I've started cowashing I think 3rd day hair is looking better than before.
I extend the time between washes for some long time, my fine porous hair do not mind it all, and I braid my hair all the time so it looks clean, buildup is not a problem for me bcuz when it's time to wash I use dry shampoo in a form of dried herbs that scrub my scalp followed by acv.
I don't really use products expect for light natural oils as sealants and refresh my hair with chamomile tea and it's totally ok.
My hair is like roast chicken - The longer it marinates the better it gets :-D.

I pre-poo, co-wash and ACV rince my hair once a week (twice on ocasion), and I use a DC once a week - so my hair sees the shower at most 2-3 per week. I can get away with this for 3 reasons - 1.) I have HUGE volume in my hair, so it take a lot to weigh it down, 2.) My hair loves dry shampoo so it never looks greasy (and I use a lot of oil in my hair), 3.) My DC both conditions my hair and removes build up leaving my hair super soft and clean.

In the morning I sprits with rose water if my hair is a little flat, and use Argan oil or Coconut oil if it needs a bit of taming
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