Cg method

Can someone explain the cg method? (I'm new)
Welcome! Definitely take some time to read the Stickies, especially the ones in the Newbie section. You will find tons of information, including a detailed explanation of CG.
In short, CG is about learning how to treat your hair gently. Basic guidelines are avoiding sulfate cleansers, avoiding silicones in any hair products (some people consider water-soluble silicones acceptable, some people do not), avoiding drying alcohols (not all alcohols are drying- some are wonderful for moisturizing), and avoiding direct heat styling (i.e. diffusing hair on a low to medium heat setting is fine, using a flat iron or using a blow dryer without a diffuser directly on your hair on high heat is not). Everything else comes down to personal preference.

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I wish I knew about the cg method before now. OMG!!!! I now have a diffuser for my blow dryer. But are petroleum products ok? Like in hair oils such as Softee products.
One thing I do know about my hair is that it doesn't take to alcohol in any for. My Joico conditioner has COMPLETELY dried out my hair. So now I'm doing damage control.

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