What am i doing wrong!

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I did my last shampoo back in january and since have been cowashing and using silicone free products and i have patiently been waiting to see a difference in my curl pattern but lately i have been noticing alot of frizz on the sides and im not sure what to do to fix it or why its even happening.

I use suave, vo5, giovanni conditioners, the tresamme comditioner and i use la looks gel, i have the devacurl light defining, sm souffle, kinky kurly custard, and the ouidad gel.

What should i be doing first??
I pre-poo with olive oil & put a plastic cap. I'm trying an Indian hemp oil blend as my leave in & to seal my ends. I had fuzzies too last Sunday. It's light & my hair seems to like it.
You may also need to clarify your hair with a sulfate shampoo if your conditioners have these ingredients: dimethicone, amodimethicone, trideceth, cetromium chloride, clycotropolol (I know I spelled that wrong). These ingredients prevent build up on the hair, but need a sulfate shampoo to get it out of your hair. They also do not allow moisture to get in your hair. While amodimethicone is not water soluble, paired with trideceth & cetromium chloride it becomes water soluble. It coats the hair with a film that is not water soluble & can only be removed with a sulfate shampoo. So check your ingredients. You may not be as cone free or sulfate free as you think. Coco bentaine is a mild sulfate. Coco amino... Is also a mild sulfate. Some conditioners have these in them.
Frizz can have a number of causes. A few ideas to try:
Clarify to "reset." You can use a silicone-free sulfate shampoo for maximum results. You can also try an apple cider vinegar rinse, which won't remove buildup per se, but gives some people amazing results.
Protein treatment and/or deep conditioning treatment. Protein will really depend on your hair properties (texture/width, porosity, etc). But many people find that taking some time to give hair a little extra TLC can make a huge difference.
Hard hold gel. LA Looks Sports Gel is a good option. Deva AnGel (Light Defining Gel) doesn't have a lot of hold, so you might find that you get more frizz with this one. If you live in a cold or very dry climate, you might want to check out LA Looks Power Spikes as an alternative to the Sports Gel (LALSG has glycerin, which some people cannot use in low dew points).
As far as silicones and sulfates... Silicones can be identified on ingredient labels by looking for those ingredients that end in -cone, -cane, or -xane. Silicones that have the letters PEG or PPG are water soluble an can be used with conditioner only cleansing. Contrary to the previous post, coco betaine is not a sulfate. It is a gentle, non-sulfate cleanser that is capable of removing silicones and preventing silicone buildup. It can be found in a number of sulfate-free shampoos (low-poos) and cleansing conditioners. This is a great option if you have styling products that you like that contain silicones. There is an excellent Curl Chemist article that includes a list of silicones and what cleansers are needed to prevent buildup (I'm on the phone app and can't link it, but it's easily found using the nc.com search option- I believe the name of the article is along the lines of What's the Scoop on Silicones?).

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I read that coco bentaine was a mild sulfate that wasn't water soluble. The only cones that were water soluble had either ppg or peg in front of it.
Thank you for correcting me Corrina777. I'll have to read live curly live free again.
In order for folks to give you useful information, it's good to know your hair properties. The livecurlylive free website is very useful for that--here's the link: Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics Once you determine your properties, look for others with hair like yours and see what they use (in signatures.) It's the best place to start.
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My hair gets frizzy when overmoisturized, so piling on oil/moisture doesn't always help frizz. For me it takes protein, which balances out the moisture. Knowing more about your hair can help us help you figure it out.
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If its the ouidad humidity gel, it has a cone so it may be causing build up....just a thought if you're strictly cowashing.
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Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!
Doing a lot stuff with hair, would naturally create a problem. Not every product are meant for everyone. The chemical concentration is distinct for different products. So before utilizing the product in the body,have a prior consent with some physician for choosing a right product.

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