No poo and Coconut oil buildup?

So I'm starting on the no poo method yet again, and this time trying to stick with it. I'm using no silicones at all, but I hear awesome things about coconut oil and really want to use it. My only issue is I'm unable to figure out if it's water dissolvable. I've googled endlessly, but I have no idea whether or not it will build up on my hair .... Thoughts?
It really depends on your hair. It really helps to know your hair properties. Here's a link to help you with yours Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics Properties are the best way to choose ingredients/products.

My hair is fine/low porosity. I can't use straight oil/butter, but can use them in well formulated products. I cowashed for six months and my hair wasn't anything special. I started using the natural soap (shampoo) bars when they were really popular almost five years ago. I find that they are just enough to remove any residual ingredients that don't get absorbed by my hair. Using the soap bars really made my curls pop!
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Coconut oil is not water soluble. However the cationic surfactants are AKA emulsifiers, they help oil mix with water which is how they clean the sebum off. CO-washing cleans coconut oil away without stripping IME.
I use a lot of coconut oil, every day (DC, LI, sealant, styler - not to mention on my face, eyelashes and body... oh and I use it in cooking)... a lot of coconut oil.

I have always been able to wash it out using just my co-wash. When I do get build up (which is really not often), I just use a bicarb and conditioner mix and my hair is left super clean.


... just please think about wear you are getting it from. Coconut oil is a product that can be of enormous economic and environmental benefit to some places (PNG and the Fijji are 2 examples), there are other places wear the production of coconut oil results is massive environmental degradation.
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