best drugstore conditioners or just general advice

Hello, I'm a newbie who just started going no-poo yesterday and I was wondering what products to check out, considering that I'm almost out of my current conditioner and am on the hunt for a new one. After no-pooing I went to bed and woke up this morning with beautiful ringlets, the only problem was that by the end of the day my hair was only slightly wavy and starting to get limp and greasy. I have 3a/ 3b hair with some ringlets, normal porosity, fine texture. Do any of you marvelous curlies have any product recommendations (preferably available at the drugstore) or advice?

Any advice given will be met with a steeping hot pile of gratitude
I will always reccomend, Shea Moisture products. However, Shea Moisture can be a little heavy sometimes on the hair. Does your hair have issues with being weighed down?

Perhaps you'll want to include a holding product such as gel or mouse to hold your curls longer. There are some great drugstore gels out there.

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The Shea moisture curl enhancing line is not heavy at all?
I just started the no poo also and the Tresemee naturals is pretty nice and smells really great. I bought a few Sauve naturals too. Those are less expensive than Shea Moisture if you are still trying stuff out to see what you like.
With fine hair, you will probably want to stick to co-washes that are as light as possible. My personal favorite is VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea, but I can also use VO5 Kiwi Lime or Suave Daily Clarifying if I need to. You might also need to rotate in a low-poo from time to time. I don't think I know any fine-haired curlies who co-wash exclusively because their hair gets weighed down. Another possibility to consider is a cleansing conditioner, which is the best of both worlds. If you don't mind the fragrance, L'Oreal's EverCurl line has a pretty good one. The As I Am Coconut Co-Wash is also really nice and I didn't fin it too heavy.

I also definitely second the recommendation of using gel for increased definition and hold.

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There are 2 drug store gels I like & both are alcohol & silicone free. 1. Softee gel 2. Pro style olive oil gel. Neither gel will make you hair hard. If you need a hard hold gel, these are not for you.
But gels work on fine hair. My grandma uses both & she has baby fine hair.
I think V05 cond. are good. You can get them as low as .77 cents. Tresemme naturals is good as well. Also, Garnier fructis has a cond. that is more of the 'go green' type. I think it's go clean or something like that and it's cone free and only around $2-$3.
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Inecto coconut conditioner is very lightweight cleansing and not expensive, leaves my hair 'squeaky' clean. I got greasy spots sometimes at the start, some could have been down to my scalp adjusting but I suspect most were failure to rinse thoroughly or failing to wash a patch properly. In other words it may be technique as much as product.
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