I decided to go CG. My hair has always been pretty dry and fluffy, so after reading up about the method I figured that it was at least worth trying.

I'm wondering though... I bought a Suave Naturals conditioner, as suggested by many posts, and used it this morning alongside Tresemme Naturals. After I'd already used them both, I was glancing over the ingredients and saw "dimethicone" in the Suave Naturals conditioner. I have the Almond and Shea Butter formula - maybe the type makes a difference?

I'm bringing this up because a LOT of people have suggested these as good, cheap, and silicone-free conditioners, yet there is a silicone around 5 ingredients into the list? Does it depend solely on the kind you buy, or is dimethicone truly not that harmful?

Thank you!
To the best of my knowledge, Suave Naturals conditioners do not contain dimethicone. However, the Suave Professionals conditioners do. You might want to double check which one you purchased.

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The one the she's referring to does contain dimethicone. I checked and that's why I didn't purchase it. Im not anti cones but I try not to use them often.
if you bought it at a drug store like Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS and only have used it this once (and have your receipt), just take it back and exchange it for another variety with no cones it in. All those drugstores offer guaranteed satisfaction, and it's ok if it's been used once. I've picked up makeup that ended up not being the right shade or stuff that after trying it once was NOT what i had really wanted. No trouble getting a refund and even easier if all you want to do is exchange it for a different variety.
Alright I figured it was no good! Thank you all so much for responding. It wasn't too expensive, so I'll go get a new kind and keep the other around just in case this method doesn't work for me... Though honestly my hair feels great today. c:

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