Coconut Oil and no-poo???

I use coconut oil as a pre-poo. I want to try the no-poo method but I'm afraid that the coconut oil will leave build-up and still weigh my hair down if I don't shampoo it out. I still use a very moisturizing shampoo and follow with 2 conditioners (the last being a leave-in). I'm transitioning now and I just want my hair in the best shape possible. Should I try no-pooing and still get good results??
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You can definitely still use coconut oil in a no-poo routine. However, you may have to reduce the amount you use. Your hair shouldn't be like an oil-slick afterwards. With a no-poo routine, you will find, after a while, that your hair retains natural moisture and requires fewer products on it that supposedly provide moisture.
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Coconut oil and co-washing shouldn't be a problem, it's fairly light. I use grapeseed oil all the time and co-wash only most of the time.
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i've read here before that coconut oil can actually be drying to the hair. i dropped it and i think that was probably true for me.
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I use to use coconut oil but now that winter has come it becomes solid and my hair doesn't feel any difference by using it.It doesn't work for me .I used to have better results when i use it on a summer day.I planning to use jojoba oil i'm into transitioning also i'm almost in the 5th month here is a info that may sound interesting to you:Jojoba oil dissolves sticky build-up on the scalp that can form from daily use of other hair products such as mousse, hair spray and hair gel. Many scalp problems occur as a result of such build-up, which can keep the hair follicles from functioning - ultimately killing the follicle - resulting in damaged hair. I hope this helped good luck
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