Day 18 of no poo: DANDRUFF!!!

Okay guys, I'm hoping someone can help me.
As the title of my post suggests, this is day 18 of no pooing for me. I have very coarse and thick wavy hair. So far, my no-poo routine has been going great. It was pretty greasy for the first week, as to be expected. Then, right around day 12 (I've been keeping notes!) The greasiness went away and I had great hair; my waves were more defined and everything. Well, yesterday I started noticing some flaking when I parted my hair. Today when I woke up, it was BAD. I usually wear my hair half up/ half down to work, but pulling it back revealed some serious snow flakes! I did a vinegar rinse and a cowash, to no avail.
My routine thus far has been pretty standard. I wet/condition my hair every day with Suave naturals coconut. About every two or three days I cowash. I was cowashing daily in the beginning, but I cut back because I didn't think it was necessary. I don't use any styling products besides a little extra suave condish that I leave in my hair from my shower. I air dry a few times each week, but usually blow dry for work.
Any ideas? Am I just one of those wavies who needs to poo every once in a while?
Any help would be appreciated!

Oh, I should probably add that I've NEVER had dandruff before in my life, which is why this is so weird for me.
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Have you tried the brown sugar scrub? Thats helps any dandruff I have appearing. You could also try rubbing some essential oils into your scalp, I have heard that people do this, but Im sorry I cant be more helpful and make some suggestions. Hopefully some more people will make suggestions.
I agree with kat180. Also when you're co-washing you to have scrub vigorously with the pads of your fingers to get rid of any dry skin. There's a few people on here who use a brush of some kind for the same purpose.

It could be a product your hair doesn't "like".

And wavy washing? I've never had to wash so I can't really comment on the conditions that led others to realize they needed to do so. Hopefully someone that has will chime in.
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Thanks for the advice! I thought I was scrubbing my head pretty vigorously in the shower, so I know it's not that. I have a boar bristle brush that I like to use to brush my scalp/ roots if they get greasy, although I haven't been doing it every day. I'll try the brown sugar scrub and see how it goes!!
2C BSL hair and lots of it!
Cheap and low-maintenance are my two favorite words!
Okay, so I caved and washed my hair with some J/A/S/O/N I had laying around (sls free, all natural), and today my hair feels horrible: stripped of all moisture and frizzy! But the dandruff is gone.
Now I'm so confused. I don't want to shampoo any more because I hate the way it makes my hair look. I should have tried the brown sugar scrub but didn't want to run to the store!
I want to go back to no-poo, but now I'm afraid I'll get all greasy again since I pooed! Has anyone tried washing with an sls free shampoo once in a while? Does the grease come back?
2C BSL hair and lots of it!
Cheap and low-maintenance are my two favorite words!
I haven't tried it, but I've read that rubbing tea tree oil into the scalp helps and they have some shampoos especially formulated with tea tree oil. Whole foods sale some CG friendly tea tree oil shampoo. I would also do a quick search in the forums for other suggestions. Good luck.

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