mamaniki - Makeovers, Deva Curly Girl Challenge Hairstyle Picture
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Submitted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 by mamaniki

 What did you learn from the Curly Girl Challenge?

I learned that I can love my curly hair most of the time rather than none of the time.
How has it changed your hair?
Deva Curl has transformed my hair and my attitude about my hair remarkably! I have used so many different products over the years and, as Lorraine said in her book, my bathroom cabinet became a "graveyard" for failed curly hair products (why do we keep them after we figure out we don't like them?) I started using the Deva line after my hairdresser cut off a bit too much. I had a chin length bob that looked really cute when she blew it straight and ironed it, but then, when I tried to style it curly, it was up to my ears. I had read the "Curly Girl" book years before and had already implemented some of those tips into my routine, but I really needed help this time because I basically looked like I had an afro. On a white girl in 2008, that is just not cool. I decided I needed to do something drastic and I knew that products were the key. I had read about Deva Curl in the "Curly Girl" book and on the internet and I always wanted to try it, but being thrifty minded, I had always bought whatever I found at the local "Mart" stores. None of the cheap stuff ever really delivered. I ordered the products online, and I was amazed! Not much can stand up to New Orleans humidity! My curls stayed pretty shiny and, amazingly, had a very low frizz factor even on rainy, humid days. I also learned from the Deva website that the less you touch, the better and that has made a remarkable difference for me, although it is sometimes hard to control the urge to touch. I've never used any better product and I like that they contain mostly natural ingredients with little alcohol and few chemicals. More natural formulas have always worked best for me. I have found (as would say) my "Holy Grail" of hair care products. Please don't ever go out of business! I have even been using the One Condition on my 2-year old daughter's 3B hair and I am already following the rules with her - no brushes or combs and NO SHAMPOO. I think she is so lucky to have a curly mom to teach her the ropes. My mother, God love her, didn't know what she was doing. She raked combs and brushes through my hair so there were no curls - just a frizzy, bushy mess by the end of the day. I didn't even realize my hair was so curly until I was much older. Since I've been using Deva (since October, 2008)I am having mostly good hair days and without slicking it back and hiding it in a claw clip on the back of my head. I am still self conscious about my hair sometimes because it is not the popular straight, sleek look that is so in vogue these days, but I no longer fight the curl - I embrace it and I just let my hair do its thing!

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