MichelleG - Makeovers, Deva Curly Girl Challenge Hairstyle Picture
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Submitted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 by MichelleG

 What did you learn from the Curly Girl Challenge?

I learned how to accept myself as a unique individual with unique hair. Being the ONLY person in my family with curly hair, I never knew how to care for it until I read Curly Girl. It saved my self-esteem and my curls! My hair care is now simple, fast, and the results are fabulous. I am so appreciative to Lorraine as she gave me advice that no one else seemed to know. I took a three hour drive to her salon in NYC to recieve the best cut I could possible since I began to use the challenge. Thank you, Lorraine! After seven years of straightening my curls they are finally free!

How has it changed your hair?
This is a tough place to start! Devachan products have changed my hair in so many positive ways. Starting in December of this year, the first thing I noticed was the actual formation of my curls. They became so much more defined and flourished in their natural "botticelli" curl. After years of coloring and straightening my hair, I noticed my texture improved as well as the strength of my hair. Rarely does my hair snap off into little pieces and more, thank goodness! My frizz was reduced immensely, and did I mention the lovely smell of the products? The No-Poo and One-Condition reduced the flakes from a dry scalp that was used to shampoo with the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Whether or not it moisturized my dry scalp or because I stopped using flaky gels, my scalp seems much healthier and I am no longer afraid of residue showing on my dark brown hair. I just recently purchased the Lavender Mist ("Mist-er Right") which helps form my curls if I wake up too late for a shower in the morning. Thanks, Lorraine, your products and support from the Curly Girl book are very much appreciated. I recommend them to every curly girl I see!

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