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Submitted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 by naustin3

 What did you learn from the Curly Girl Challenge?

Where do I start? I was doing everything wrong because I wasn't aware that curly hair needed different treatment from regular hair. And trust me, no stylist was coaching me any differently. Most were pouring alcohol-filled products all over my head, and trying to form a non-frizzy helmet that would look OK until I walked out the door and into the wind and weather (where all bets were off). I learned that the right products make the most notable difference. I also learned little tricks like sleeping on a satin pillowcase and absorbing excess water with non-terry cotton fabric, scrunching, duck-billed pins.....the gift of curl knowledge has changed my hair forever.
How has it changed your hair?
My hair has changed in many ways. I have a sleeker look (I still get some breakage, thus some fly-aways), and more depth of color. Stylists used to cut my hair in an unflattering layered cut. Technically, the cut should have worked, but I had one clump of hair, growing from the back of my crown, that was so poorly conditioned it stuck straight out, almost like a perpendicular curtain of hair. Deva One Conditioner sorted that out after one use. The moisture balance in my hair has radically improved. My silhouette is extremely flattering, and only frizzy when I'm in gale-force winds. Even then, I still have more curl definition than I used to have by a long shot. Many more strangers stop me and compliment my hair. Knowing what to do and what to use gives me confidence that I look great when I walk out my door every day.

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