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Submitted on Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 by shelbymustang

What did you learn from the Curly Girl Challenge?
Curly Girl has taught me to love myself. For years I had always viewed my curls as a negative part of my appearance and spend thousands of dollars and hours of damage to make my hair look like "everyone" else's. Growing up, curls were never something to be embraced and as a child I was often left with a poofy, brushed out afro. How different my childhood would have been if I was introduced to the Curly Girl method earlier (or if my sweet, sweet mother knew how to take care of my curls). It was one day in January when my dried, fried and unhappy hair finally rebelled against me, refusing to go straight or curly....and I knew something was terribly wrong. My before picture is what I would have called a "great" curly day, hah! I ended up googling how to care for curly hair, got introduced to this website and then went out to get the book and boy am I glad I did! With this challenge, I learned that every day is an adventure and one where my hair continues to become healthier, livelier, and lovely! I have learned SO much from this challenge while striving to embrace my inner curly girl. Some of them include... *I learned that Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a chemical straight from the devil ready to wreck havoc on your hair (and trust me, it will). *I learned that you really can not use shampoo (and your hair really WON'T be greasy!) *I learned that I wouldn't want to put anything on my hair that I wouldn't put on my skin (example: soft, clear gel) *I learned that there are very few hairdressers who actually know how to cut hair, and NO a wet cut or shampooing with their products is NOT okay with me. (p.s. Lorraine, I would absolutely loose it if I had the opportunity to have an amazing cut from you! I have yet to have that perfect curly cut :( *I learned that there are natural ways to get gorgeous root volume including using clips! *I learned that I really can embrace my beautiful, natural curls for a perfect updo for every special occasion. *I learned that my hair still might have a bad day (even I get pms) but thankfully there are lots of natural treatments that get it right back on track. This challenge has taught me LOTS of things but most importantly is that I am a beautiful, confident young woman who has been BLESSED (yes they are a blessing) with amazing, under control, voluminous, soft, bouncy, able to be exposed to rain CURLS! Yes, I AM a Curly Girl!
How has it changed your hair?
Honestly? I feel like I have brand new hair. I spent over 9 months growing my hair out until it was below my shoulders and went to get a "trim", which turned into an "opps I grabbed the wrong sissors and accidently took a huge chunk of" cut. Around midnight that night, I had to go to a friend's house where her mother had to chop off my hair until it was right at my chin. I couldn't nor would it curl and thus I straightened it everyday for months. When it became January and it wouldn't behave, I found the Curly Girl method. It's hard to believe how much my hair has changed in the past 4 months! It has gone from unruly, frizzy and damaged to healthy, beautiful, and tame ringlets (as evident by my pictures). My hair has become so incredibly soft that it is a joy to touch (although I try not to because of frizz). My hair has grown more in the past 4 months than it did over an entire year! It has become so healthy and nourished that it continues to change everyday. However, the changes are always for the better and I find that once I wake up and style it, it continues to surprise and inspire me. My curls have great shrinkage and the bounce back is incredible! Instead of feeling challenged, I remember everyday how lucky I am to have curly hair. Girls spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to have curls like mine and yet all it took me was a book, some products and a whole lot of love. Thanks Deva, keep moving the revolution! 

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