So, I did the "big chop" last year in October. I can't comb it after I wash it. what can I do to it?

I can not comb my hair after I wash it. Even when I part it and think I have it manageable, it goes back to being tangled. So now I blow dry it as soon as I part a section. I keep my hair in braids because I can't do anything with it. Seriously thinking about getting a relaxer.

1 Answer

I think you need some better products. You should get a conditioner to help you detangle it during your wash day. Sounds like you have type 4 hair. You should separate into smaller sections prevent tangling. Natural hair will be prone to some tangles no matter what, so keep that in mind as well. Try twist and twist outs as well. You can also try the banding method to stretch without blowdrying, but I think stretching natural hair is the best way to minimize tangles.Good Luck!